20 Questions with Allison Kendall


Ava Kensinger

Allison enjoys watching Riverdale in her free time.

For this article, we decided to interview fifth grader Allison Kendall. Keep reading to learn more about some of her favorite things in life as well as her interests.

Q1: What is your favorite animal?

A1: Kangaroo.

Q2: What is your favorite color?

A2: Teal.

Q3: Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?

A3: Yes, I have two cats. Their names are Annie and Lucy. I also have a dog, and his name is Sam.

Q4: Do you do any after-school activities?

A4: I play soccer and participate in cheerleading.

Q5: What is your favorite food?

A5: Chicken tenders.

Q6: What is your favorite drink?

A6: Water.

Q7: Do you prefer mechanical/lead or regular wood pencils?

A7: Mechanical pencils.

Q8: Do you like having iPads in school? Why?

A8: No, because I feel it is a distraction and a lot of responsibility.

Q9: Do you think middle school students should be allowed to have their phones during school hours? Why?

A9: I think middle school students should not be allowed to have their phones in school because most of them will use them when they are not allowed.

Q10: Do you prefer typing on your iPad or writing with a pencil?

A10: Pencil.

Q11: Do you like being in middle school?

A11: Yes.

Q12: How do you like to spend your free time?

A12:  Watching Netflix.

Q13: Do you agree with the dress code?

A13: Some of it, I’m just not a fan of how certain situations are handled.

Q14: If I asked you your friends how they would describe you, what would they say?

A14: I think they would say I am funny and outgoing.

Q15: What is one of your fears?

A15: Death.

Q16: What is one of your goals?

A16: I want to get on the high honor roll.

Q17: If you could have a class pet, what would it be?

A17: Fish.

Q18: What kinds of books do you like? (Scary, nonfiction, etc.)

A18: Nonfiction or mystery.

Q19: Who is your favorite celebrity? Why?

A19: Archie Andrews because he is on my favorite TV series.

Q20: What is your favorite TV show?

A20: Riverdale.

We really enjoy interviewing Allison. Check back soon to read about our next featured student!