THE POWER OF THREE: Classic Cartoons


Lordin Williams

We all miss these

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

There are some cartoons that could never be made in 2019 because of the different sensibilities of the modern generation; others couldn’t be remade simply because they are classics. Here are three classic cartoons.

Tom and Jerry

This is one of the biggest classics. The classic cat and mouse, but with quirky twists. They both chase each other and attack one another in the most brutal of ways. Bats, irons, lawn mowers, you name it, they used it. Though it was a rather violent show, kids, and even adults, all over the world loved and love Tom and Jerry.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage was the dog every child loved, though the show was on the more darker side of things for children. It was a very gloomy show with many of the colors being in the pastelĀ  aspect. Most of the characters in the show were very grotesque and had very skinny and oddly shaped. The dog goes through the tiring and miserable experiences to keep his owners, Muriel and Eustace, safe.

Looney Toons

The classic cartoon everyone loved. The crazy group of animals that experience some crazy things and go through some interesting shenanigans. It was a feel good show that children enjoy still to this day. It is a show that can bring all ages together. It is a funny, family show that has a feel of classic comedy that you just don’t see now.