B-A seniors awarded $66,000 in scholarships


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Local benefactors handed out more than $66,000 in scholarships to B-A seniors this week.

Ashlyn Ball, Staff Writer

The 32nd Annual Achievement Recognition and Scholarship Banquet was held on May 13, 2019.  The banquet was held in the BA Middle School gym.

Riley D’Angelo, the Class of 2019 Valedictorian, welcomed students and others who attended.  The President Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Jordan Moore, followed and gave the Invocation.  Finally, Owen Shaulis, the Class of 2019 President, gave an introduction before the evening started.

A total of $66,000 in scholarship awards were given out to students who attended the event.  Students received the following:

$250 STAR Team Scholarships: Jenna Bartlett and Brandie Ray

$250 Track and Field Scholarships: Dylan Wilson and Kara Engle

$250 French Club Scholarship: Alanna Vaglica

$250 B-A Alumni Scholarships: Zion Poe and Anna Sloey

$250 Musical Scholarships: Cooper Burns and Shalee Bennett

$250 Kent and Barbara Willson Memorial Scholarship: Jordan Rachael

$300 Miss Pennsylvania Teen Scholarship: Alivia Jacobs

$500 Blue and Gold Scholarships: Kaelynn Behrens, Nathan Wolfe and Dylan Markel

$500 B-A Class of 1983 Scholarship: Jordan Moore

$500 BASD Foundation Scholarship: Tyson Irvin

$500 Blair County Bar Association Scholarship:

$500 RSM Scholarship: Owen Shaulis

$500 Choral Scholarship: Anna Sloey

$500 B-A Class of ’72: Gwen Dougherty

$500 B-A Band Scholarships: Dominic Tornatore, Julianna Norris and Shayla Graham

$500 B-A Majorette Scholarship: Tylar Clemente

$500 Caracciolo Sheet and Metal Scholarship: Ellie Eamigh

$500 Bellwood-Antis Community Choir Scholarships: Shalee Bennett and Alanne Vaglica

$500 Beard Legal Group Academic Scholarship: Tyson Irvin

$500 Bellwood-Antis Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Trevor Crusciel

$500 Lions Club Scholarships: Jordyn Beam and Daniel Kustaborder

$500 Class of ’64 Scholarship: Alanna Vaglica

$500 Forshey Family Scholarship: Trevor Crusciel

$500 Jean Harker Memorial Scholarship: Dylan Wilson

$500 First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship: Hope Shook

$500 DJB Scholarship: Jordan Rachael

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Gwen Dougherty

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in memory of Howard Walker: Paige Wenner

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in memory of Harold Wagner: Kara Engle

$500 Thomas Otto Family Scholarship: Alivia Jacobs

$500 Darrin G. Watters Memorial Scholarship: Johanna Whiteford

$500 Captain James “Whitey” Stephens Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by the B-A Class of 1960): Alex Schmoke

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarships (Sponsored by BA Youth Football League): Tanner Wyland and Tylar Clemente

$500 Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarships: Dylan Markel and Jestlynn Heaton

$500 B-A Class or 1984: Riley Amerine and Alanna Vaglica

$500 David C. Heisler, II Memorial Scholarship: Jenna Bartlett

$500 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship: Derrick Noonan

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO Scholarships: Brandie Ray and Kara Engle

$1,000 Sons of American Legion partnered with B-A Class of 2022: Gwen Dougherty

$1,000 M&T Bank Scholarship: Gwen Dougherty

$1,000 Himes Family Scholarship: Colton Gority

$1,000 Dennis L. McClellan Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Paige Hunter

$1,000 Dr. & Mrs. Christopher McClellan Scholarship: Brendan McCaulley

$1,000 Bellwood-Antis Retired Administrators Scholarship: Brianna Reiter

$1,000 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarships: Derrick Noonan and Anna Sloey

$1,000 Timothy Sissler Memorial Scholarships: Dominic Tornatore and Brianna Reiter

$1,000 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarships: Cooper Burns and Brandie Ray

$1,000 DelGrosso Foods Inc. Scholarship: Shayla Graham

$1,000 Thelma Rittenhouse Scholarships: Brendan McCaulley and Quintin Nelson

$1,000 Duane Hollen Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by Boyer Refrigeration): Quintin Nelson

$1,000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarships: Shawn Wolfe and Johanna Whiteford

$1,000 Martin Food in honor of Maddie Shura: Mya Decker

$1,000 United Veterans Club Scholarship: Nathan Wolfe

$1,250 Bellwood-Antis Retired Administrators  Scholarship: Shalee Bennett

$1,500 Mary Beth Banks Memorial Scholarship: Alivia Jacobs

$1,500 Darlene Carter Memorial Scholarship: Zion Poe

$1,500 Mrs. Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship: Riley D’Angelo

$1,500 David W. Lewis Family Scholarship: Daniel Kustaborder

$1,500 UVHA William Sitman Memorial Scholarship: Riley D’Angelo

$1,500 Harshman Family Scholarship: Nathan Wolfe

$2,000 Class of ’44 Scholarships: Owen Shaulis and Cassidee Reiter

$2,000 The Polly Love Blessing Scholarship: Shawn Wolfe

$2,000 Madison Shura Memorial Scholarship:

$5,000 Bruno and Lena DeGol Family Foundation Scholarship: Owen Shaulis

Congratulations to all of the students who received scholarships!