Just For Kickz


Jake Bollinger

Jordans, Yeezy’s, and Addidas are three popular shoes in the halls of Bellwood-Antis High School.

  • This column in the first of a series designed to keep our readers up to date with the hottest tends in footwear. We plan on covering the latest fashions seen in the hallways of Bellwood-Antis, as well as the shoe trends on the athletic fields and courts. For openers, we have chosen a broad topic, providing an overview of the shoe styles students are wearing as they head back to school.

As the 2019-2020 school year gets underway at BAHS, we see many of our students with some fresh heat on their feet. This year continues the trend of “old school=new school”, and “the bulkier the better”. 

Brands like Adidas and Nike are still making a huge footprint in schools with their running and athletic shoes, such as the Adidas Ultraboost, and Nike Air Max.

Some common kicks seen around the halls of BAHS include the Filas Disruptor 2, which is a very popular shoe with the female students. This shoe is a very good example of a fairly new trend of the “Dad” shoe. In my opinion this shoe has an acquired taste, but almost anyone can pull it off. 

Riley Endress is one of a number of girls this year at BAHS sporting the hefty-looking Filas Disruptor 2.

The classic Chuck Taylor’s, which may never go out of style, has always been a staple at BAHS. This shoe is very popular with both male and female students for its ability to be matched with pretty much anything. 

Lastly the ever so popular Nike Air Max has been a go to for many students. The most popular model is the Air Max 270, which is the brand’s newest release and one of the most comfortable everyday wear shoes on the market. 

This year we expect to have many hot releases in the shoe world, and hopefully we see some of that new heat in the halls with our students as the year goes on. 

Jake Bollinger
Chelsea McCaulsky bounces through the halls in the popular Nike Air Max running shoe.