Renaissance Club Hosts Skit Night Tonight


Malia Danish

The reformatted Skit Night was a huge hit last year and returns tonight to the auditorium.

Malia Danish, Staff Writer/Photographer

Wednesday night at 7:00pm,  the Bellwood-Antis Homecoming court will be hosting it’s annual skit night in the high school auditorium.

Skit night is a tradition where the Homecoming court gets to come up with their own skit and perform it with their own team for the audience.  This is event is hosted by the Renaissance club.  It’s a fun way for the girls and their team to get in front of the community and show their creativity!

The cost for admission to see our Homecoming court’s creative skits is only $2.

Last year, instead of a skit night, the Homecoming court hosted a lip syncing night.  The court organized their teams and created dance and singing skits to entertain the crowd.  This was also hosted by the Renaissance club.

This year we are going back to the original annual skit night.

So come see the fun with Jamyson Focht, Jayden Shuke, Casi Shade, Ali Campbell, Thalia Lucio, and their teams tonight!