HOLIDAY-ISH: National Pancake Day


Have a short stack on National Pancake Day.

Now naturally, I’m a man of fine culture, as in I don’t eat breakfast a lot because I’m sleeping. But when I do wake up for breakfast, then I love to eat a good ol’ flapjack.

Well lucky for people like me, National Pancake Day is September 26, today. go to a place like Denny’s and get a nice Flapjack.  Add any kind of toppings onto it too, like chocolate chips, blueberries, whipped cream. 

National Pancake day originally started as Lumberjack Day. Then two righteous people, wanted a reason to eat pancakes and waffles with friends. Eating pancakes like a lumberjack seemed like the best holiday ever.

Now personally, The thing that makes a good pancake is the thickness. You can have the longest and widest pancake you can find, but without a good thickness to it, you just have a floppy Frisbee with a side of syrup. Also, the pancake can’t be overcooked. An overcooked pancake puts me in a bad mood because of how awful it tastes, it tastes of pestilence.

So today, think about how well that pancake is made, if its under cooked, don’t be afraid to send that pancake back, because its not about your reputation with the restaurant, but keeping your taste buds happy.