Art students brighten the halls with tape art displays


Zach Miller

Mrs. McNaul and her art students have transformed the halls of B-A with tape art displays in the hallways.

Maggie Erickson, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the school year, you may have seen some new decor on the walls. 

Mrs. Leah McNaul and her art students have hung up tape art throughout the hallways. Images like paper airplanes with ‘send love’ and inspirational quotes like ‘a window of opportunity won’t open itself’ line the hallways.

“I told them (students) that I was inspired by the ‘revolution’ movement to create a more pleasing culture, and the students are the ones who geared most of the designs around ‘love’.”

Mrs. McNaul said she got the idea on the internet from an image that used blue tape to teach students about ‘one point perspective.’ 

“I always thought that was a waste of tape when there are more cost effective ways of teaching perspective. But when I was thinking about what artmaking we could do on the first day that would change the culture, I remembered the tape murals and thought the students could have a choice in what the images could be. They are temporary, but can stick around for enough time to enjoy.” 

To complete the project, students formed into groups to come up with images to place around the school. The murals are above lockers, outside the cafeteria, above water fountains and just about everywhere you turn. 

Freshman Isaiah Ritenour thought “it was a fun and enjoyable project. I learned a lot from it because I’m not the artsiest person.”

The project didn’t come without challenges.

“It was complicated because (the tape) would fall down because of the humidity, but it was fun coming up with the ideas for the pictures we made,” said junior Riley Endress.

If students get one thing out of it, Mrs. McNaul hopes that “by doing these artworks, students will feel part of the change, that they will take ownership in keeping our facilities clean and welcoming, and that they feel joy when they are here in school.”