Top Three Sports


Mikala McCracken

The Power of Three

         There are a lot of really good sports all over the world but the top three are golf, wrestling, and track.


         Golf is a great sport that involves pretty much a complete mental game so you don’t have to be very athletic to be good at it.  Golf is a sport you can play for pretty much your entire life because it is all basically technique. You can play golf as a team or by yourself and play in tournaments pretty much anywhere and it is a lot of fun.


         Wrestling is one of the best sports that has been a big sport for as long as 15,000 years.  It was probably, if not the most important sport it was one of the most important sports in the Olympics in Greece.  This sport is a really good sport for just you and your team because you play to win your match but you contribute to your team.


         Track is another really good sport that has a lot that you could get in to from running a two mile to throwing a javelin.  Track has always been a really big part of the Olympics because of all the different types of sports that are in it. If you join track there is almost always something in it that you would like.  Track is a really great sport that a lot of people can do and you can get really good at it without having to learn too much technique so you can join late and be good at it.