Get Your ACT On!


Mackenzie Weber

Mrs. Yurik shows one of the A.C.T posters that hang throughout the BAMS hallways.

“It really helps notice those kids that behave well.”

What is A.C.T, you may be wondering? A.C.T is an acronym that stands for accountable, considerate, and trustworthy. It is a way to convince students at the middle school to behave well during the school day and get rewarded for it. This behavioral system was a team effort. The creators—a team of BAMS educators—were trying to make it cool, relatable to the kids, and easy to remember. Schools other than Bellwood have behavioral systems similar to A.C.T that work just as well, which was a main inspiration towards creating this. Comic books have also helped in creating this system. It is supposedly sending a powerful message to students in a way that they understand.

If a teacher and/or staff member sees a student doing an honorable thing, they will receive an A.C.T card and have a chance at winning a prize. At the end of every month one student receives a gift card of $25-$50. This year the staff has decided to have a gift card as a prize with a special something to go along with it.

We interviewed Mrs.Yearick, the middle school guidance counselor, and asked her a few questions about the program.

Q: How does the superhero relate to the idea of A.C.T?

A: It all came together at once, and we thought that the action and superheroes would be relatable to the minds of students.

Q: Ever since creating A.C.T., has it been beneficial towards the behavior of the students?

A: Yes. At first adjusting the program was a slow process, but it has made a huge impact. Right now the super A.C.T. cards are the most full they have ever been since the beginning of the program, and it’s the least checks we have ever had. This is an awesome start!

Thanks to Mrs. Yearick for helping us to answer questions some of the students have had about the A.C.T. program and for being willing to help us get the word out to others about this positive change. Hopefully all BAMS students will strive to be accountable, considerate, and trustworthy, not only in school, but outside of school as well.