HOLIDAY-ISH: National Men Make Dinner Day


Do you like BBQ? Do you like being able to cook any food you wish and have your wife/lady friend enjoy it? Well too bad, National Men Make Dinner Day restricts the cooks of what they should cook. Why? I don’t know. “But Jordan, surely you can cook anything you want on 11/8/19?” Well yeah, but if you want to follow this holiday,  you have to be married or have a girlfriend (which is already hard enough), and you have to follows these rules:

    • The Main meal must include a minimum of four ingredients and require at least one cooking utensil other than a fork
    • The man goes shopping for all the necessary ingredients
    • Clean up as you go

But don’t worry, aprons are optional. Now I hear you say: “Jordan, you’re being too cynical of a holiday!” First off, good response, second, most people won’t even practice this holiday by accident because these rules are so strict. And why do they have to be so strict? BBQ is so tasty and unique if done right. Wouldn’t it be a change of pace from the run of the mill canned food that most people eat? I don’t know.

If you want my honest opinion of how to celebrate this holiday, just have a man cook whatever he wants. I’m alright with the idea of this holiday, but the rules just infuriate me. No needs for rules, no need to make men not BBQ. Just let them do what their good at. Now me, I’m going to make my own dinner, so I’m participating either way.