Veterans Day Assembly


Veterans Day Assembly 2019 (Maria Cuevas)

Maria Cuevas , Multimedia Editor

Korean War Veteran Lloyd Peck spoke to the Bellwood-Antis students about the meaning of Veterans Day and his time in the war last week at B-A’s annual Vetterans Day Assembly.

A photostory from the event is available here.

Peck taught students about the history of Armistice Day and told the students to shake the hand and say hello to a Veteran when they see one.

In his speech Mr. Peck talked about the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Veterans Day, he said, is to honor living veterans who served in the military, while Memorial Day is to honor  fallen soldiers. When he talked about his days in the Korean War, he told the students he hoped no one would ever have to see the things saw in Korea.

Senior class president Evan Frye emceed the assembly. The presentation of the colors came first and was handled by B-A students who are members of the Boy Scouts. After the flags were presented, all of the students and staff present stood and said the pledge.

The chorus then sang the National Anthem and the Alma Mater, along with I’m Proud to be an American.  After the chorus sang, the band played patriotic songs, including the song for each branch of the military. Students also viewed a Veterans Day video called “We Remember” made by Miss. Forshey SWAT Team students. At the conclusion of  the assembly, the colors were retired and the band played more patriotic songs as the students left the auditorium.