BA art goes on Instagram


Hailee McConnell

The B-A Art Club is now on Instagram.

Hailee McConnell, Staff Writer

Mrs. Leah NcNaul, an art teacher at Bellwood-Antis, thinks B-A has such a talented community that it should be sharing what it makes.

Her beliefs lead her to start an Instagram account for the Art Club. 

Inspiration helps drive new learning and that’s what business I’m in.”

— Mrs. McNaul

“Instagram allows us to post a picture of the art and an area for a caption to give credit to the students as well as the type of art it is,” said Mrs.NcNaul.

Mrs. NcNaul started the Instagram account after attending the Blair County in-service with other art teachers. She was introduced to how one school has been using Instagram to get what they do in class out to other students and parents.

She was also trying to revive a magazine that was a partof Bellwood-Antis when she started. teaching here.

“Before I started teaching here Paula Carlson ran an art magazine with drawings and poetry in it. The magazine was printed, bound and sold to students for less than a dollar. I wanted to resurrect that idea but make it digital and include all types of art from all students,” said Mrs.NcNaul.

The club hopes to include any talents of the students. The art displayed on the account will include woodworking, poetry, music, metal work, traditional crafts, graphic design, fine arts, environment installations, photography, and dance.

Mrs. NcNaul is running the account, for now to ensure students and their artwork are protected. 

The future plan for the Instagram, she said,  is to showcase faculty and alumni work.

“After all, inspiration helps drive new learning and that’s what business I’m in,” said NcNaul.

The BA  Instagram handle is