French Club hosts annual dinner


Courtesy photo

Nearly 25 people showed up for dinner at the French Clubs annual French Restaurant.

Mara Bollinger, Staff Writer

Most parents don’t get to experience what their kids do in school

However, that’s not the case for French Club students. When a student joins French Club they get the opportunity to invite their parents to a French restaurant made themselves in the high school lobby.

This year’s French restaurant took place on Thursday November 7.

French Club students prepare authentic French dishes to serve to their parents, or family members. The meals are authentic dishes, and student s learn different styles of cooking. This year there was a pork entree with sauce made from camembert cheese, which is an authentic cheese from France. 

The purpose of the French Club dinner is to raise money to help support the group’s activities. It is also an opportunity for club members to learn more about French culture.

“I think it’s good for students to have an opportunity to prepare a meal from scratch,” said adviser and French teacher Mr. Tim Van Scoyoc.”It’s a lot of work to pull it all together, but it gives the students a sense of accomplishment.”

  Mr. Van Scoyoc has been doing this dinner for 14 years, or as long as he has taught at B-A. He was able to keep it going this year with the help and support of Ms. Valerie Harris, the high school home ec. teacher.