Power of Three: Streaming Platforms


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Check out three top streaming services.

There are tons and tons of streaming platforms out right now, and it seems like every big entertainment company has its own streaming platform, like Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu.  You can’t buy all of them, so you probably will only have two or three at the most. That brings us to the top 3 streaming platforms: Netflix, Youtube, and Disney+.


Netflix is a really good streaming platform with a lot of movies from a ton of different genres and just a lot of different varieties, which is good when you are trying to find something to watch.  Netflix also has a lot of original shows and movies like “Stranger Things” or “Designated Survivor.” You could spend months on all of their different originals, and most of them are really good. The cost for Netflix isn’t bad, either, ranging from $10.99 to $12.99, so I would recommend getting it.


Youtube is also an outstanding streaming platform because there are so many things to watch from different creators.  If you want professionally made movies or shows, Youtube isn’t necessarily the place for you, but there is content on there for everything you could think of since anyone can put videos on it.  There are tutorial videos, sports highlights, video games and pretty much anything you can think of. The best part about is that it is completely free and anyone can use it.


Disney+ is a pretty new streaming platform that came out in November of this year and it was met with very high praise.  Disney+ has pretty much every movie and show that Disney and Fox own, which is a lot, and Disney is most likely going to continue buying companies for a while.  Disney+ has every Pixar movie, a lot of Marvel movies and shows, the library from Fox (including The Simpsons), and a lot more. Disney+ also has a very low cost at $6.99 a month, and you can bundle it with ESPN+ and Hulu for an extra $6 a month.