This or That: Christmas Edition


Mackenzie Weber

Briley stands near our B-A Blue Angel sChristmas tree as she tells us about her favorite holiday things.

As the winter season is upon us, I decided to interview 7th grader Briley Campbell. Briley is a BAMS newspaper junior reporter and a Tyrone soccer player. She also participates in Speech League, Reading Competition, Leadership Club, Scholastic Scrimmage and Student Council. To welcome the Christmas season, I asked this busy student a few winter/ Christmas questions. Here’s what she had to say…

Q: Snow angles or snowmen?

A: Snowmen.

Q: Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving or after?

A: After.

Q: Layers or heavy blankets?

A: Blankets.

Q: Summer or winter?

A: Summer.

Q: Snowflakes or rain?

A: Snowflakes.

Q: A lot of lights and decorations or only a little bit?

A: A lot.

Q: Sled riding or building a snowman?

A: Sled riding.

Q: Hallmark Christmas movies or regular Christmas movies?

A: Regular Christmas movies.

Q: On a snowy day, do you prefer reading a good book or watching a Christmas movie with your friends and/or family?

A:  I prefer watching a Christmas movie with my family and/or friends.

Q: Heavy compact snow or a light layer of snow?

A: Heavy compacted snow.

Q:  Halloween or Christmas?

A: Christmas.

Q: Giving gifts or receiving them?

A: Giving gifts.

Q: Regular candy canes or the flavored candy canes?

A: Regular.

Q: Cold weather or warm weather?

A: Warm.

Q: Go out and play in the snow or sit inside a warm house and watch a Christmas movie?

A: I would rather go outside and play in the snow.

Q: Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

A: It’s a hard choice, but I’d have to say Christmas morning. 

Briley Campbell, our fellow classmate, has a very busy life just like most of us, but she always strives to do her best in class. She always attends the Honor Roll breakfast after each marking period because she has created good study habits, she always tries in class, and she always makes time for her favorite hobbies. Tune in next time to hear the latest stories about our beloved Bellwood and some of its students!