B-A teachers Christmas wish list


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The teachers at B-A have been very good this year and have some interesting gifts on their Christmas wish lists.

Travis Luensmann, Staff Writer

The wait is finally off for students and teachers at B-A. Christmas is finally here, and everyone is ready to spend time with their family to take a break from the lesson plans and homework.

Bellwood won’t see students again until January 2, 2020. But, before we all head on our break, we should note what we expect the big guy to bring down the chimney on the 25th. Yes indeed, a Christmas list, but this one is for the adults, specifically for each of the departments of study at B-A, and the requests are quite interesting.

We start in everyone’s favorite department, mathematics, headed by four sensational women including Mrs. Carney, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Riddle, and Mrs. Stinson. First off, these teachers want all students to do their homework, which the teachers said would be quite “a wish!” Colored graphing calculators for all students was another item on the list from the math department and may be coming in the next few years to B-A. Finally, each of the teachers wrote down a request for new cars, each of them in their favorite colors. Mrs. Carney is hoping for an Orange Corvette, Mrs. Frank is waiting for a Mustang in Hunter Green, Mrs. Riddle can’t wait for a Plum Crazy Purple Mustang, and last but not least, Mrs. Stinson is looking for a Navy Blue Armada to come down the chimney.

Moving onto our next department, the social studies quadrant is looking for a few books from the North Pole. Made up of Mr. Burch, Mr. Elder, Mr. McNaul, and Mr. McMinn, the department is looking for If Anyone Khan by Genghis Khan, Don’t Lose Your Head by Marie Antoinette, Dancing With the Tsars by Peter the Great, Hide and Seek by Marco Polo, and finally, the hard rock CD Plymouth by The Pilgrims. These requests are definitely a stretch for the big guy, as he’s going to have to go back a few years, but there’s no doubt that he will come through.

Continuing, we head back upstairs to take a look at the list for the science department. The department breaks down into three fine women and one man, Ms. Clippard, Mrs. Flarrend, Ms. Shimel, and of course, Mr. Goodman. These men and women, tasked with explaining why things are, have a few things they would like to see from old Saint Nick. First off on the list is an anti-gravity machine, followed by a time and global cooling machine. Next is an automatic water skimmer for the third floor faculty swimming pool, noted, “just like the one we already have for the jacuzzi.” Most importantly on the list though is family time, without any papers to grade.

Finishing, we move to back down to the first floor to observe what the English department has on their Christmas list. This subject is headed by two women, Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Cunningham and one male phenomenon, Mr. Naylor. Their list includes new books, and a Shakespeare anthology and all of the novels in the Star Wars Universe, both EU and cannon. These items may be simple, but in reality, they’re quite intricate. Each of the English teachers are very much into reading, and they strongly encourage students to read as much as they can. These gifts are for sure going to enhance the knowledge of these teachers and will accordingly affect their teaching style in a positive manner.

To wrap up, each of the teachers here at B-A has some big things they’re expecting this Christmas. From anti-gravity machines to brand new cars, wishes for each of the departments this year are quite amazing.  Santa has a lot on his plate in the coming days.


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