3 reasons to watch The Mandalorian


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The Mandalorian has expanded the Star Wars universe.

Ryan Malone, Staff Writer

The Mandalorian is a new DisneyPlus original that is about a bounty hunter that goes on a job to get a target but realizes the target is just a baby and then he has to protect it from other bounty hunters and try to figure out what the baby even is.  There are a ton of reasons to watch The Mandalorian but here are what are the top 3.

  • You get to learn a lot more about the Star Wars universe and it is all canon which means all of the lore lines up with the movies and is in the same universe.  For example, you get to learn about the Mandalorians and how they aren’t just one race but they are more of a clan with a creed to follow by which I never knew.  If you like Star Wars and want to learn more The Mandalorian would be a good place to go.
  • There is a lot of good action in The Mandalorian and it is really cool since the Mandalorian is such a good fighter with a lot of different weapons so the fights are always very interesting.  The Mandalorian also isn’t just too overpowered that he just beats everyone with no trouble so the fights get pretty close and sometimes he needs help.
  • Mandalorian is also just really good for a show and not just a star wars show.  The Mandalorian has really good characters that change throughout the story and you end up getting attached to them as you go through the show.  You get to see a lot of new characters as the Mandalorian travels around the galaxy.