Homework: How is it helping students?


Mackenzie Weber

The debate over homework is always a controversial one.

Let’s face it: Most kids don’t like homework! It may be because it’s taking time away from playing, hanging out with friends and family, or even just having me time where you can relax and not stress. You may think that teachers assign homework to be mean or because they don’t like you, but I promise that’s not the case. Teachers just want what’s best for us. If you look at it, homework is really important. It teaches us all kinds of things, and it helps us understand things better. I asked a few middle school teachers and students their opinion on homework. Here’s what they had to say about the subject…

Mr. Hescox

Q: What are your thoughts on homework?

A: I look at homework the same way I look at sports. You need to practice to get better and understand it.

Q: How do you think homework is helping your students?

A: You are reinforcing, you are searching for new ideas for class, and it helps practice what we’ve learned in class.

Mr. Farkus

Q: Do you think homework helps your classes to learn? If so, how?

A: It’s like sports. If you keep practicing, you’ll eventually get better. I mean, look at LeBron James and Michael Jordan. They have to keep practicing to get better.

Q: What do you think about homework?

A: I think it’s necessary. Look at kids who play video games. If you don’t beat the game on the first try, you have to keep playing to get better.


Q: Why do you think homework helps your students?

A: It gives them practice. 

Q: Why do you assign homework?

A: It’s to help students remember what we did in class. I also use it as a grade to help them if they struggle on a test.

Zach Gonzalez

Q: Do you think homework helps you? If so, how?

A: No, because it stresses my brain too much outside of school, and I need to concentrate in school. 

Q: Why do you think homework is important?

A: I think homework is important because if I need to study a lot for a test, it helps me. 

Hunter Simmons 

Q: As a student, does homework help you learn?

A: I think it does because you’re pretty much practicing while you’re doing homework.

Q: Why do you think homework is important?

A: Without doing homework, you won’t get any smarter.

Rylie Andrews 

Q: How does homework help you?

A: It mostly doesn’t because it takes time away from our lives when we could be doing something we enjoy.

Q: Do you think you’d do better in school if you didn’t have homework?

A: Yes, because it stresses me out and takes time away from thinking breaks.

The bottom line is that homework is inevitable from most teachers. However, as you can probably tell, the majority of students dislike it because it takes up most of their “play time” and time with their friends. Teachers, on the other hand, think homework is important because it helps students with their academics when they practice on their own. Some teachers, such as Mr. Farkus and Mr. Hescox, even relate homework to sports because homework gives students the practice that they need. Regardless of what you think about this topic, it’s obvious that homework can benefit students so it’s probably here to stay!