mini-Thon holding second stall day of the year


Bella Kies

Corbin Nale and the rest of the mini-THON committee are gearing up for another stall day.

Mara Bollinger, Staff Writer

Thursday, February 13 ,the mini-THON committee will be hosting a stall day, which will take place during eighth period in every high school classroom.

This will be the second stall day of the 2019-2020 school year.

“Stall day is our final push to meet our goal,” said mini-THON adviser Mr. <atthew McNaul.

The purpose of stall days is for students to bring in their loose change, which their teacher will count at the beginning of class. Eighth period class can not begin until all of the money is counted.

All of the money collected will go towards the goal for the mini-THON committee, which stands at $25,000. The proceeds go to the Four Diamonds Organization, which helps families dealing with childhood cancer.

The first stall day back in October was a success with a total of over eight-hundred dollars.

Once teachers have completed an initial tabulation, the money from all of the classes will be recounted on Friday in  Mr. McNaul’s room by interested students as a way to earn community service hours.

Next week Myers Elementary and the B-A Middle School will be holding days for collecting change as well.