COVID-19 restrictions hamper FFA activities


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B-A students in FFA will not be able to competein land judging this year because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Aarron Laird, Staff Writer

If you walked into the Agriculture room at this time, students would be learning about land judging, but it is all different because of COVID-19  shutting School Events down.

Mr. Matthew Webreck has been the Ag teacher and FFA Advisor for the Bellwood-Antis High School for 15 years. MR. Webreck said, “It’s frustrating but understandable in our current environment.”

It’s frustrating but understandable in our current environment”

— Mr. Webreck

FFA stands for future for agriculture and it is for students who are interested in agriculture and leadership. Two of the group’s main learning activities have been hampered by COVID. Land judging is the evaluation of land/ soils for agriculture or urban soil.  The farm show is the largest indoor exhibition of agriculture in the U.S. Ag products and services from PA are showcased during a weeklong event.

The FFA members in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades were looking forward to land judging and the farm show. Junior Cole cherry said he is “very disappointed,” while classmate Hunter Shawley said, “It sucks, honestly.” He was looking forward to all the fun events.  Hunter said the farm show is always very fun! “And I love Land judging!”

For FFA members, the club is a way to not only to learn about agriculture but also to have a really fun time. It teaches  many other life skills like patience, flexibility, tolerance and Leadership.  At land judging competitors test different soil types, slopes, how much water it can hold, and what what uses would be suitable for the soil like, building drains or houses, or growing crops

Austin has been in Ag for 9 years. He is disappointed that these events have been canceled because the younger FFA members can’t go and witness the atmosphere that he did. He  takes part in the Farm Show by showing animals so the event has special meaning to him.

“I like seeing all the showmen come together towards one goal and to better ourselves,” he said.