Bellwood History 101: Bellwood fire 1920


Public domain image

Bellwood experienced one of the worst fires in town history 100 years ago this month.

Over 100 years ago, on September 20,1920, the Bellwood community viewed the ruins of the building occupied by the Hoffman and Alcorn store which was burned on an early Saturday morning.

The fire was unique in several ways. The building was a landmark in Bellwood, having been one of the very first stores built in 1877 by Silas Moore. 

The origin of the fire was not definitely known, but as it started in the rear under the stairway it is thought possible that mice and matches or a cigar or cigarette was responsible.

One of Bellwood’s prominent citizens who witnessed the blaze said that the way the firemen handled it was remarkable, putting out the blaze within an hour.