Bellwood-Antis Memorial Stadium


Isabelle Kelley

BA’s Memorial Stadium was dedicated in 1949 to honor those who died in WWII.

“The Bellwood-Antis Memorial Stadium was made possible by the donations of citizens and organizations of Bellwood-Antis Township and surrounding communities.”

This is a quote from the program announcing the dedication of Memorial Stadium in 1949.

On June 29th 1945 the Bellwood Lions Club had a meeting to discuss how to honor community members who died in World War II.

The completion of the field came about in stages: plans were presented to the community, plans were made for the erection of a flag pole and score board and lights were ordered at the cost of $4500.00 dollars. By February of 1947 there were plans to build bleachers on the west side of the field now the home side). In 1948 bleachers were purchased for the east side. The following year they got bleachers on the west side and then bleachers.

The stadium has stood there ever since, used for football, cheer and track. Its last major renovation was in 1997 when new bleachers were installed along with a new press box, a new entrance and new bathroom facilities.

The football field playing surface has since beenĀ  named John Hays Memorial Field, in honor of Coach John Hayes, who led B-A from 1980-2016.

The track was named after Julie Rosenborugh, the track and cross country coach who is largely responsible for the rise of girls sports at B-A.