BA History 101: Discipline


JoJo Caswell

Mrs. R. MIller has seen big changes in discipline at B-A over the years.

Bellwood-Antis has been around for 92 years and over those 92 years a lot has changed, especially discipline. It has gone from getting spanked with a paddle to getting verbal warnings.

Follow me into the past as we check out how discipline has changed from the perspective of Myers teacher Robin Miller, known aroind B-A as Mrs. R. Miller.

Mrs. Miller has been at Bellwood for 23 years.

“There is more social and emotional¬† support through weekly guidance class to reach students with hidden behavior issues,” she said.

R Miller also said that she doesn’t make up classroom rules, as would have been common years ago when teachers took a top-down approach to discipline. Now, she said, kids help out and make the classroom rules.

Finally, parents are contacted if any behavior issues arise, allowing for more communication between teacher and families.