Mini-THON plans put on hold

Fundraising continues, but spring event may be cancelled


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THON has generated tens of thousands of dollars for the battle against childhood cancer, but this year’s event may be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Rorie Wolf, Staff Writer

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the biggest charity event at Bellwood-Antis High School could be put on hold.

Mr. Matthew McNaul, theMini-THON advisor, remained hopeful of a spring event, but it is unlikely.

“There will be no virtual event for thon; however due to certain circumstances the restrictions that apply for COVID may dictate whether or not we have an event in the spring.” Mr. McNaul stated.

Mr. McNaul said there is no certainty of something in the spring, although there is a huge hope for it. 

Though there may not be a formal Mini-THON event, the group will still continue to raise money for the Four Diamonds and the fight against childhood cancer.

The types of fundraisers that will be held include a peanut butter meltaway sale, going on right now. Donor Drive will also be another major fundraiser to help support THON. Several fundraisers will have to be cancelled because of contact issues, such as Stall Day. 

“The amount of money that is normally raised is going to end up being cut in half.” Mr.McNaul said. On a normal year, THON raises tens of  thousands of dollars but, since certain fundraisers are forced to cancel, about half of the money will be lost. 

Last year, Mini-THON set a record generating over $43,000. Since 2018, the event has produced nearly $80,000 for the Four Diamonds.

Many students are hoping for a bright future for the Mini-THON at Bellwood Antis High. Only time will tell.