Feature Teacher: Mr. Greenawalt


Emalee Strong

Mr. Greenwalt, a student teacher for Mr. McNaul, comes to Bellwood-Antis out of Atlanta.

Emalee Strong, staff writer

Student teacher Mr. Brian Greenwalt has been around, living in six different cities, so it’s not surprising he plans to keep on moving when he’s done at Bellwood-Antis.

“I attended three high schools: Bellbrook high school, James Coughlin High, and Holy Redeemer,” said Mr. Greenwalt. “My parents live in Atlanta, Ga., now, so I guess you could say that is my hometown.” 

Mr. Greenwalt graduated high school in 2016, then attended Pennsylvania State University, graduating in 2020. He was a students observer with Mr. Matthew McNaul last spring before assuming his role as a full-time student teacher this fall.

Mr. Greenwalt likes being a student teacher at Bellwood-Antis because “there is never a dull day here. It is awesome and an amazing opportunity to teach here.”

His plan after student teaching is completed is to  join the Marine Corps Officer Program. Mr. Greenwalt would like to become a pilot, and if he had a choice he fly helicopters. 

Mr. Greenwalt said he plans to continue teaching after his time in the Marine Corps.

“I plan to return to teaching and settle somewhere where it doesn’t snow,” he said. 

Mr. Greenwalt said he chose teaching as a profession because he has always loved history, and he also enjoys helping children. Teaching, he said, is one profession for which a degree in history can be useful.

Mr. McNaul sees bright things in the future for his student teacher.

“Mr. Greenawalt has done a great job since he’s been here at Bellwood,” he said.  “He creates engaging assignments and has developed a good rapport with the students.”