Caroline Nagle

Mr. Roberts is in his first year teaching at B-A.

Kaia Claypoole, Staff Writer

 Mr. Stuart Roberts is the new US American History teacher at Bellwood-Antis High School. The Blueprint talked to him about how he became a teacher and what inspired him to become a teacher. 

BLUEPRIINT: Basic Background Information:   What are your degrees in? Where did you go to college?

MR. ROBERTS: College- Graduated from University of Virginia

Masters- University of Pittsburgh 

BLUEPRIINT: Where and what did you teach before you came to Bellwood? 

MR. ROBERTS: Travel has always been important to me. I was fortunate to spend much of my working career in jobs that allowed me to see the world. While I was in Foreign Service I spent much of my time in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union; at other times I was selling machinery in South America, Asia, and Europe. I met some great people outside the United States and each of these has helped me to broaden my perspective and experience new things. Never stop learning. 

BLUEPRIINT: What made you want to become a teacher?

MR. ROBERTS: Once I found myself attending University, I began to realize the importance of a good education and learning became my primary goal. 

BLUEPRIINT: How do you like teaching here at Bellwood-Antis High School so far?

MR. ROBERTS: I have really enjoyed the people in Bellwood. The students are smart and friendly, the teaching staff is fantastic. 

BLUEPRIINT: If you could give some advice to your students, what would it be?

MR. ROBERTS: Your generation is very different from mine, so it is difficult for me to give meaningful advice. At the risk of sounding old fashioned, my advice is to put down social media, be yourself, and enjoy the moment. As Ferris once said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!” 

BLUEPRIINT: And lastly, what accomplishments would you like to conquer while teaching your students?

MR. ROBERTS: Enjoy your time at Bellwood-Antis High School. If you take advantage of all the activities here you will look back on your Bellwood experience as some of the best years of your life. You are a part of a great school district and your teachers are preparing you very well for the future.