Feature Teacher: Mr. Pownall


Caroline Nagle

Mr. Pownall has a variety of educational experience, including teaching night classes to prisoners.(Caroline Nagle)

Haley Campbell, Video/Multi-Media Editor

Mr. Nathan Pownall has been a recurring guest at Bellwood-Antis for a couple of years now as a regular on the substitute list.

However, for the last month he has been filling in  as a full-time teacher for the beloved Mr. Erik Gabrielson, who teaches  computers, financial literacy, and multimedia. Mr. Gabrielson went on an extended leave in August.

Today could be the day I get a student interested in something that will be a big part of their life.

— Mr. Pownall

With so many disparate classes, Mr. Pownall has a lot on his plate, but it’s nothing he cannot handle. Pownall taught at both Huntington and Rockview Prisons before spending ten years at Huntington as a corrections officer.

Mr. Pownall said he has been working to better understand Microsoft Excel and Word so that he can start to actually instruct students on how to use them efficiently. He wishes for no student to fall too far behind.

Pownall graduated from Angelica Central school and then joined the army. He later graduated from SUNY Alfred with a degree in Social Science, followed by a degree in Elementary Education and High School Social Studies from SUNY Fredonia.

Most important, he has been loving Bellwood.

“The students are hardworking, polite, and respectful. The staff have put in a lot of work to create a positive environment for everyone who works or studies here,” Mr. Pownall said. “Most kids don’t get to learn in an environment like Bellwood.”

Mr. Pownall enjoys teaching because every day is diferent. everyday is different.

“Today could be the day I get a student interested in something that will be a big part of their life, or even something that changes all of our lives,” he said. “I come to school everyday, hoping to make a positive impact on the school and the students.”