Keeping up with COVID: COVID in college


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Travis Luensmann (left) is dealing with COVID with learning and athletics at the University of South Carolina.

Jack Luensmann, News Reporter

As the Coronavirus takes its toll on the country, schools at all levels are taking a course of action to help stop the spread. Many colleges and universities are utilizing online, virtual learning to take precautionary measures with the virus.

Bellwood graduates who have enrolled in secondary education are having to traverse the erratic COVID road with their schooling.

Bellwood-Antis alumni Caden Nagle from the class of 2019 is traversing the COVID road at Grove City College. 

“With COVID we are encouraged to wear our masks at all times: inside and outside. As far as classes go, most are remaining in-person, while others are exercising hybrid instruction. They go back and forth between being online and in-person, to keep class sizes smaller.”

It’s not the best way to spend your first year of college, but we will all get through this struggle in time.

— Travis Luensmann

Not only does Nagle face challenges with COVID in the classroom, restrictions have also been put in place for other aspects of his college life.

“When it comes to working out, we must wear a mask at all times. A temporary weight room also was made to keep the numbers down. We are restricted from other activities such as full court basketball and 5 on 5.”

Some Bellwood-Antis graduates have had to deal with the virus in high school and with their secondary education. Travis Luensmann from the class of 2020 is having the COVID experience in his first year of college at the University of South Carolina.

“COVID has been both a stress and a hassle to deal with. Not only here in South Carolina, but for many other colleges and schools. Classes have been manipulated to fit an online, virtual quota, and it’s not the easiest for the students or professors to adapt to. For myself, all of my classes have been put online, and they still demand the same amount of effort as if they were in-person.”

College athletics have also taken steps in preventing the virus. Luensmann, who plays baseball at the University of South Carolina, is pushing through COVID in the classroom and on the diamond.

“Besides the educational aspect, collegiate sports have taken dramatic steps in preventing the virus, with weekly tests, directional paths throughout facilities, and numerous sanitation stations. It’s not the best way to spend your first year of college, but we will all get through this struggle in time.”

Another Bellwood-Antis alum, Kaliana Stivers, attends the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Stivers is enduring Coronavirus struggles during her education.

“I was informed my college would be going virtual after the first tuition was due. They were allowing students to stay in dorms, but I decided it would be better to stay home for this semester. It is very disappointing to not be in the big city. I’m a photography major, so it’s been harder for me to do assignments because I don’t have the equipment they would normally provide at school. It’s also not as interesting being in front of a screen most of my day.”