Some Bellwood seniors vote for the first time


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Some seniors at B-A will be participating in their first election as registered voters.

Caroline Nagle , Social Media Editor

(Author’s Note: As a first time voter myself, I am very excited to go to the polls with my family after school tomorrow to cast my vote for who I believe holds the best interest of the United States and the candidate that aligns with my values most. This election is very important, but please remember to be mindful of other people’s opinions.)

2020 is an election year, which means some of Bellwood’s senior class is voting for the first time ever. 

Voting is something that we have all been aware of since elementary school when we had a class vote of our own for the 2008 election as kindergarten students.

For years, we have discussed the importance of voting in school. Freshman year we learned about voting in Mr. McNaul’s civics class and why it is important that we get a say as American citizens. Sophomore year, we learned about the history of voting and what voting looked like in past civilizations. Last year in Mr. Elder’s problems of democracy class, students took a test to show their political alignment. This year, Mr. Roberts has made it a point to discuss the upcoming election and has even shown his classes clips from the presidential debates. 

To some people, voting is one of the biggest responsibilities that U.S. citizens have once they turn 18. 

“It is so important for anyone to vote who can, not just first time voters. It is the only chance that we have as American citizens to have a say in what happens in our country,” Mr. Elder explained. 

Generation Z is a very free thinking generation and many first time voters are excited to be able to express their own opinions and beliefs in this very important election. 

If you are voting, wear your ‘I voted’ sticker on Wednesday, no matter who you vote for. Elections unite us, and you will never feel more American.”

— Ms. Clippard

Sasha Neyman, who is a registered Democrat, expressed her excitement to vote by saying, “I am excited to finally have a say in our country and to vote for what I believe in and what I believe will be best for our future.” 

Whether you have a young person who is left, right, or independent, they all are excited to fulfill this duty as an American citizen. 

Abbey Snyder, who is a registered republican, also expressed her excitement by saying, “We finally have a chance to have a say in our country, which is so important.” 

Ty Noonan, who is a registered independent, shares the excitement that both Sasha and Abbey have, despite there not necessarily being a front runner that holds the same values as him. 

This election is not only unique because of the cult-like following that the two front runners have obtained, but with this election, mail-in ballots are more crucial. 

B-A science teacher Ms. Carrie Clippard is voting by mail-in, and she’s already casted her vote. 

“It is more convenient for me personally because I was able to research both candidates on my own time. I was also fearful that I would possibly get sick and not be able to vote in person on Election Day if I was quarantined,” Ms. Clippard explained. 

Ms. Clippard is also very excited for her students that will be able to vote for the first time and she is encouraging students that can vote, to vote. 

Ms. Clippard says, “If you are voting, wear your ‘I voted’ sticker on Wednesday, no matter who you vote for. Elections unite us, and you will never feel more American.”

Some may think that all of the restrictions will somewhat take away the experience of first time voting. However, many first time voters at Bellwood are still going to the polls in person on November 3rd like you would any other election. 

Whether you are voting by mail-in or in person, democrat or republican, this is a monumental time for not only the many young Americans as they cast their votes for their first presidential election, but also all of America as we watch this 2020 election unfold. 

Some political analysts are saying that the 2020 election is the biggest election of our lifetime due to how far leaning the two candidates are. This election, the frontrunners are two extremes: a far left democrat and a far right republican. 

The question is will it be former Vice President Joe Biden or President Donald J. Trump. Despite there being third party candidates, such as Andrew Yang, as always, the race is pretty much between the democrats and the republicans. 

Joe Biden is the Democratic party nominee. Joe Biden is not only the former Vice President for President Barack Obama, but he is also a former senator of 47 years for the state of Delaware. In other words, Biden has been in congress for almost half a decade;  He is a career politician. He knows the ins and outs of politics and what to say to keep getting himself elected. Biden’s running mate is California Senator, Kamala Harris. She has been said to be one of the most Democratic senators in the country. 

President Trump is the Republican party nominee. Donald Trump is not a career politician, as President Trump has said many times, he is a businessman. However, Democrats believe that a business mind has no place in presidency, whereas many other people believe that President Trump’s business ideals are why the economy, up until the start of COVID-19, had been booming. Now, people think that President Trump is the man to bring our economy back to its former glory. His running mate continues to be Vice President, Mike Pence, who served six terms in the House of Representatives before becoming the Governor of Indiana from 2013-2017.