Brawl tickets are out soon!


The Backyard Brawl trophy has been kept at Bellwood-Antis for a year. Tyrone and B-A will do battle for the trophy once more this Friday.

Zach Miller, Photo Editor

In a normal year the Backyard Brawl football game between Bellwood-Antis and Tyrone would bring in thousands of fans all screaming for their hometown team.

However this is no normal year. Due to restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Backyard brawl will be much smaller even though the hype couldn’t be any bigger. 

B-A will travel to Tyrone this year and is hoping to take the max number of fans.

Tyrone has allotted 300 tickets for B-A fans. Seating around 5,000, Gray-Veterans Memorial Field would allow for around 1,000 spectators based on Governor Wolf’s guidelines permitting 20 percent capacity at outside events. Tickets will go on sale first to players and their families, with each player getting four tickets. Cheerleaders will receive two tickets apiece.

Any tickets left after that will go on sale to the general public on Thursday.

Fans will not be permitted to walk around at the game and a mask must be worn. If students not on the football team get a ticket they should wear white because there will be a student section.

The Backyard Brawl game has so much history, and even though this season has been strange there will still be the good old classic Brawl.