Joining FCA


Zach Miller

FCA won’t be able to do See You at the Pole this year, but the club still plans to continue operations.

Caroline Nagle , Feature Writer

On a typical year of school, students can join clubs on the second week of school when students attend their first activity period of the year. However, due to COVID-19, activity periods have been canceled, making joining clubs difficult.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the club that sponsors the annual ‘see you at the pole’ event. See you at the pole is typically a day at the beginning of the school year when students can come to school early to start the year off with prayer. On a usual year, they sponsor the St. Vincent de Paul cereal drive and they also hold Friday morning breakfasts where a student shares a passage from the bible every week.

This is a completely student led club and the advisor is Mr. Lovrich. Anyone can join this club, you do not need to be an athlete.

This year, to join FCA, you need to email Mr. Lovrich. His email is [email protected]