Teachers share their best Thanksgiving memories


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The delicious food is just one of the aspects of Thanksgiving that makes for fond memories.

Rorie Wolf and Aarron Laird

What do you think of when you think Thanksgiving? The smell of the turkey when you walk into your relatives house, or stuffing your belly with all kinds of food? Thanksgiving is a ‘delicious’ time of year, so to say, a wonderful time because it’s what Americans love most: Food! This time of year it provides a lot of comfort and warmth for most individuals, and we all have that special memory from either growing up or even from just last year to make us look fondly on this Day of Thanks

Teachers here at BAHS have created memories of their own and are excited to share their experiences for this joyous day.

Mr. Lovrich- “As a kid I remember getting up early and watching Captain Kangaroo and watching my mom get the turkey ready to cook. Then we would watch the parade on tv. As I got older it became watching the football games and eating with our whole family. We always drew names for our family Secret Santa after dinner and the kids get all excited to see who they get.”

Mr. Naylor- ‘Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because you get all the benefits of a big holiday like Christmas- family, food, time off- with none of the stress and pressure to get so much done. When I think of Thanksgiving, I don’t have one special memory. Instead, I have a general good feeling of warmth and comfort. I immediately think of a warm house and the smell of turkey cooking in the oven. If there’s any one consistent memory its watching National Lampoons Christmas vacation after dinner,  which is our family tradition.”

Mrs. Frank–  I think of family, friends, food, and fellowship. spending good quality time not related to gift giving is a cherished time. We eat, watch football, and play board games. Love it!’

Mr. Rhone- “One year we had enough snow for sled riding and snowball fights! It was fun to get revenge on cousins that were gathered after the meal! It is the only time I can remember snow on Thanksgiving!”

Mrs. Bartlett- “My best Thanksgiving memories growing up were spending time with my aunt and grandparents. At any age there is something very comforting about spending time with family. As an adult, my most memorable Thanksgiving would be the time I set my oven on fire attempting to lift an aluminum foil turkey pan out of oven. The juices splashed everywhere and produced flames; the turkey survived, but my oven did not!”

Mrs. Carney- “Gathering with family to eat amazing food. When I was little, the kids would get candy advent calendars that I love.”

Mrs. Padula- “My best Thanksgiving memory was a few years ago when my daughter rented a cabin at Prince Gallitzin. It had been a few years since we were all able to be together. I prepped the turkey at home and took it to the cabin. Wednesday we stood around the fire pit catching up, laughing, and talking. Then it started to snow, so we went inside and played games until late in the night. This was a really great time. I’m hoping we can do it again once the COVID craziness ends!”

Mrs. Harris- “One time when I was about 6 or 7 , I grabbed the black olives and hid them under the table and then put them on my fingers. Then I brought them out and they were all on my fingers, and, of course, everyone laughed. I knew I was a comedian even back in the day. Thanksgiving makes me think of family and all the fun we have watching football, and of course watching the Cowboys.”

Mr. Pownall- “I think about dinner around my Grandmother’s big dinning room table, about sitting at the kids table with my brother and cousins. I think about vegetarian lasagna for my Aunt Jeane. I think about family coming together from around the country to reconnect and to give thanks for all that we have.”