SAT testing going down with COVID precautions


Kerry Naylor

The Bellwood-Antis Middle School gym is prepared to keep students socially distanced this weekend during the SATs.

Kami O'Shell, Staff Writer

Despite multiple clubs, sports, conferences, and school events being canceled, juniors and seniors still have standardized tests like the SAT and ACT coming up. This weekend, December 5, is the only SAT available at Bellwood-Antis until March of 2021, and due to COVID-19, there have been a few changes to taking the test as well as college requirements for acceptance.

A handful of seniors had to wait to take their SATs until August due to a delay in testing earlier this year. This has caused a bit of stress among students because of the ticking clock on college applications. Luckily colleges have recognized this confusing time as well as testing delays and have given some slack to students applying. Some schools have given an extension on the SAT part of an application while others have gotten rid of the test requirement completely.

The College Board has numerous safety protocols in place for the SATs during this difficult time. Students are required to wear a mask during the test as well as keep up with social distancing requirements when entering the building.

According to Dr. Donald Wagner, the B-A middle school principal who also coordinates the SAT at Bellwood-Antis, testing will occur in the Middle School gym so students will be placed at least 15 feet apart at all times. He also said that there are only 26 students testing this Saturday, so keeping students apart shouldn’t be too difficult.

One seniors, Alex Taylor, talked about how testing during the pandemic was for him, and what to expect for students who plan on taking the test this Saturday.

“Taking the SAT during the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely different for me because it was my first time wearing a mask for such an extended period of time,” he said.

Another senior at BAHS, Paige Otto, is taking the SAT this Saturday. Paige, along many other students, was planning to take her SATs in the spring of 2020, but because of cancelations and delays, the date was pushed back until the start of senior year. She is not too worried about taking the SAT in the middle of a pandemic because wearing a mask and socially distancing has practically become the new norm.