B-A New Year’s resolutions


Kerry Naylor

Lots of people focus on bettering themselves when January 1 comes around.

Rorie Wolf, Staff Writer

Every year people all around embrace their New Year’s resolutions towards the end of Christmas season. This year, going into 2021, what’s your New Years resolution?

Resolutions are nice to have, but not all individuals believe that you need a resolution to better yourself.

Mr. Kerry Naylor, a B-A high school teacher, says that he doesn’t typically make a New Year’s resolutions. He takes the new year as an opportunity  to recharge mentally and try to start fresh.

Cami Focht, student at BA high-school has a New Years resolution to go into to 2021 and better herself to become a more well-rounded person. She plans to take the new year as a fresh start to start new hobbies and work towards fixing what she may not like about herself.

Maddy McCaulley, a B-A alumnus, plans to start her new year out fresh with a few different resolutions. Maddy plans to improve her patience with her son and to work towards being a better mom. Maddy also plans to try to cut out her swearing.

Brion McCaulley, another B-A grad, wants to improve himself with exercise. He plans to increase the amount he walks, and he would like to lose some weight.

Mrs. Leah McNaul, B-A’s high school/ middle school art teacher has a New Years resolution this year to take care of her health while making her way to travel and explore new places.

Mrs. Erin Smith, the high school Spanish teacher, wants to start the new year with a fresh start. She would like to take better care of herself to be able to better herself and her family.

Senior Kaia Claypoole  would like to not rely on others as often but to focus more on herself.

Freshman Carey Musselman would like to focus more on herself and try to better her attitude towards others. She would also like to get into shape.

Peter Orona, another high school student, would like to focus more on his faith and study his bible more often.

The New Year is coming up quickly. Weather you have a New Year’s resolution or not it’s important to try to start new and do things differently that you may never before.