BAMS Reading Competition successful


Mackenzie Weber

Meet some BAMS students that participated in the 2021 Virtual Reading Competition.

Books can do much more than bore you in class. You can read for an abundant amount of reasons such as learning, entertainment, it reduces stress, improves your vocabulary, etc.

The middle school has a Reading Competition team for students who love to read. If students want to be a part of it, all they have to do is contact Mrs. Taylor or Mrs. Nycum to join one of two BAMS teams. This extracurricular activity is held twice a year. 

Just recently the first virtual competition of the year was held. Although the setting was different, the students still had fun and stayed safe. I had the chance to ask some of the participants what they thought about the event. 

Briley Campbell, 8th grade 

Q.) Why did you join the Reading Competition team in the first place?

A.) Because I liked to read, and I thought it would be fun. 

Q.) How long have you been involved with Reading Competition?

A.) Four years. 

Trinity Maines, 8th Grade 

Q.) Have you always liked reading?

A.) Yes.

Q.) What do you think could improve future Reading Competitions?

A.) Having more recent books. 

Ryan Marinak, 8th Grade

Q.) Is this your first year attending a Reading Competition?

A.) No.

Q.) Why do you think it’s important to read?

A.) Because it’s a good source of entertainment.

Abby Laird, 8th Grade

Q.) Do you think you’ll keep participating in Reading Competitions, even if you don’t win every time? Why?

A.) Yeah, it’s a really fun activity to do with your friends.

Q.) I think the most important question is…. Did you have fun?

A.) Yes!

Although school can be boring, reading doesn’t have to be dull. If you don’t enjoy reading maybe you haven’t tried the right genre or found the right author yet. Whether it be horror, romance, sci-fi, fiction, nonfiction, sports, or even novels, if you enjoy a book and it keeps you wanting more, that’s all that matters. Just maybe joining the Reading Competition team and forcing yourself to actually read and think about the book(s) will do you some good.