Stomp Out Bullying campaign picks up steam at Bellwood-Antis

Bellwood-Antis takes a stand to Stomp Out Bullying!


Students at B-A spent the week selling shoes to raise money to support suicide awareness.

Devin Poplin, Staff Writer

Starting on Monday, September 29, and continuing the through today, Aevidum sold cut-out sneakers to help stomp out bullying. These paper sneakers were sold at all three lunches and throughout other periods of the day. Every time a student, teacher, or faculty member paid one dollar to purchase a shoe, they were giving to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Student and teacher participation was “wonderful,” said acting principal Mrs. Adams.

“I think we are doing a great job here at the high school. We have sold around one-hundred and eighty dollars worth of shoes between the high school and middle school. My goal is two-hundred dollars.”

Mrs. Adams said that she is emphasizing this organization so much because there is a correlation between kids who are bullied and suicide.

“Studies have shown that kids who get bullied get depressed, which can lead to thoughts of suicide or thoughts of feeling alone. This was also another nice way to help Aevidum raise a good amount of money to donate to the Out of the Darkness Foundation.”