Are you really best friends?


Mackenzie Weber

Can these middle school students score 5/5 on their best friends quiz?

In my new series about best friends, I interviewed Max Belis and Zach Gonzalez and asked them five questions about each other. Will they answer correctly, or will their friendship be over? 

I began with asking Max how well he thought Zach will do on the quiz based on a scale from 1-10? He responded, “Like a 3.” Here’s how he did:

What is Max’s favorite candy?

Zach: Snickers

The Answer: Snickers

Who would Max choose to play basketball with (dead or alive)?

Zach: Lebron James

The Answer: Lebron James

What vehicle would Max choose to escape a zombie apocalypse?

Zach: Lamborghini

The Answer: Helicopter 

What is Max’s favorite song to scream in the car?

Zach: Country Roads

The Answer: I Want It That Way

Last question: What was Max’s first animal’s name and what kind of animal was it?

Zach: Dog; Rocky 

The Answer: Dogs; Rocky and Cooper

Next, I asked Zach how Max would do on the quiz. He replied, “Like a six, maybe a seven.”

Let’s see which friend knows the other one better:

What is Zach’s favorite type of movie genre?

Max: Action 

The Answer: Action 

If deserted on an island, what would Zach bring with him? 

Max: Me, food, water, lighter, pot and pans 

The Answer: Fire starter, maybe a tent, a shovel, food and a chainsaw

What is Zach’s favorite board game?

Max: Chutes and ladders 

The Answer: Monopoly 

What is Zach’s hype song?

Max: I Get Around 

The Answer: Human

What is Zach’s least favorite animal?

Max: Cat

The Answer: Mosquito 

Ironically enough, Zach did better than Max expected and Max failed Zach’s expectations. With the results at Max 1.5/5 and Zach 2.5/5, I would say these guys didn’t do too bad considering how random these questions were. 

Just a little advice though: You might want to catch up with your best friend before you take a best friends quiz.