Why Student Council is important 


Mackenzie Weber

The bulletin board located in the middle school hallway decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.

School spirit is important and even essential in a loving school environment. If we did not have somebody to put up decorations, help with fundraisers and organize activities, then who would do it? Teachers are busy enough as it is trying to manage in-person learning and virtual learning, they simply just don’t have time to create or display decorations. You may think that students will survive without the fun little things teachers normally do that students don’t think about or take for granted, but it’s just not the same when some of this stuff. Students are in the building for seven hours as it is and without something to spice up our school, it would be so dull.

I had the chance to talk with eighth grader Gigi Juart about being a part of the Student Council and she mentioned that it encourages her to be more creative with ideas and different ways to put things together for the school. She also said the reason she wanted to join this club was so she could help with all of the fun activities for students. When asked what her favorite bulletin board design was, she replied, “Definitely the Valentine’s Day one because we got to make a ton of hearts, and it was pretty cool to put together”.

I also had the opportunity to speak with Max Belis, another eighth grade student. When asked if it was important to have a well decorated school and if Student Council was an important club, Max responded, “Yes, because it raises spirits and makes our school a better place”.

So there you have it. If we didn’t have a Student Council, chances are our beloved school would just be another boring school. Instead the middle school is full of school spirit, and we have Mr. Trexler, the advisor, and the members of the Student Council to thank for that!