How BAMS athletes are dealing with the pandemic


Marissa Cacciotti

Lily McNelis plays volleyball for B-A and a club team.

It’s been tough to stay in shape during times like these. With everything closing down and practices and games being delayed because of COVID-19, it hasn’t been easy—especially when athletes now have to wear masks to practices and games. I had the chance to talk with fellow BAMS student Lily McNelis about how she has been dealing with the pandemic as a student-athlete. Here’s what she shared:

Q:  What is one thing that you have done to improve your skills in volleyball?

A:  I’ve been doing pass and hit, serve receive, and practicing my serve.

Q:  How have you been keeping active?

A:  I make sure I get to every practice, open gym, and sometimes I’ll go out for a run.

Q: If your sport is in season, did you like it better when you could do something on your own like relaxing, or do you like being able to play?

A: I like being able to play.

Q: When school was virtual, was it easier to manage your grades and your sport?

A: It was pretty even because we were still getting homework and logging on to our classes.

Q:  Do you mind having to wear a mask during practice?

A:  We actually don’t have to for the club I’m in. We have to wear one to and from practice, but when we are actively engaged in some sort of activity, we can take it off.

Q: Do you mind all your games getting cancelled?

A: We haven’t had any tournaments cancelled as of yet, but in the beginning of the season, we had to move one of them to a different facility.

Well, there you have it!  I’d say Lily is pretty determined to keep playing sports, even if it requires a mask.  She has practiced on her own and even joined a club team to play volleyball year round.  Good luck with your season!

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