Are you really best friends?


Mackenzie Weber

Does being best friends since preschool give you a higher advantage on a best friends quizzes?

I interviewed eighth graders Rylie Andrews and Briley Campbell to see if their friendship could pass the test. Rylie and Briley have been friends since pre-school, and they play soccer for the Tyrone team. I asked Briley and Rylie five questions each to see which one knew the other better. 

I started the test with Briley…

What is Rylie’s favorite food?

Briley: Strawberries 

The Answer: Cheesy popcorn 

What is Rylie’s biggest pet peeve?

Briley: Going to practice 

The Answer: Chewing with your mouth open 

What is a song Rylie listens to when she’s sad?

Briley: I don’t think she has one.

The Answer: No song in particular 

Who is Rylie’s Disney crush?

Briley: Prince Naveen 

The Answer: Prince Naveen 

Last question; If Rylie could turn into any animal for a day, what would it be?

Briley: Cat

The Answer: Dolphin 

And then it was Rylie’s turn…

What game show does Briley want to be on?

Rylie: Jeopardy 

The Answer: Wheel of Fortune 

What is Briley’s favorite feature on a person?

Rylie: Eyes

The Answer: Eyes

If Briley had one hour to spend $5,000, where would she go?

Rylie: Apple

The Answer: Dick’s Sporting Goods

What is the first thing Briley would do as president?

Rylie: Abolish all diary and gluten products

The Answer: Make the White House cooler

Lastly, what is Briley’s biggest fear?

Rylie: Milk

The Answer: Spiders or condensation on anything

Well, as you can see, being best friends since preschool does not in fact give you an advantage on a best friends quiz. With Briley getting a ⅖ and Rylie getting a ⅕, these girls should really brush up on their knowledge of each other.