FAB FRESHMAN: Trinity Riva


Emalee Strong

Trinity Riva is spreading her wings during freshman year.

Trinity Riva looked at freshman year as one big opportunity and she hasn’t regretted it. Trinity’s taken her academics and her extra curriculars seriously.

Trinity’s favorite subject is math.

” I find it very therapeutic especially when you finish a big math problem,” said Trinity

Trinity’s overall favorite part of freshman year is  all the opportunity’s to meet new people. She also very much enjoyed her cheer.

Trinity said, “My favorite part of cheer this year was trying new skills and becoming so close with the other girls. I’m looking forward to working on the routine next year and seeing what other memories I will make. ”

Some of her interests are playing the guitar, listening to music, and reading. She finds listening to music comforting, on her free time she plays her electric guitar, drumming, and she loves to go bowling with her friends.