Yearbook club reaching to meet goals

Limited number of copies still available


Rorie Wolf

The Bellwood-Antis yearbook staff has the latest publication on schedule for May.

Jack Luensmann, Staff Writer

If history has shown anything, it has shown that the yearbook club won’t stop working to put out a yearbook. Despite the COVID-19 shutdown last March, the club was still able to put out a yearbook as well as a spring supplement.

As the 2020-2021 school year continues to wind down, the B-A yearbook club is hoping to reach their objectives; one of them being that they are aiming to sell 275 yearbooks by April 23. There are currently 211 sold.

The club is also beginning to produce its spring supplement, which will be mailed to seniors this summer. Upperclassmen who purchase a yearbook will be given their spring supplement next school year.

Another plan of the yearbook club is to do a breakfast and senior walk for the class of 2021. The senior breakfast is a time-honored tradition at B-A that allows seniors to get their copies of the yearbook first, and then enjoy a relaxing morning getting autographs at a special breakfast in their honor. The senior walk, which allows seniors to trek the halls of their education at Myers and the middle school in full graduation dress, is a tradition that began five years ago and has been a big hit.

Editor-in-chief Gabriella Finn is planning to have this done soon

“We are hoping to have this done before Easter break next week,” said Finn.