National Talk Like Shakespeare Day


It’s Talk Like Shakespeare Day, and senior Andrew Tornatore takes that pretty seriously.

Does thou know what is celebrated on this fair moon? Or is thine head unburdened, lacking a brain.

On April 23rd each year, National Talk Like Shakespeare Day encourages us to speak like William Shakespeare himself.

This date was chosen because April 23rd, 1564, marks the day one of the most celebrated authors and poets was born.

The day also coincides with English Language Day which began in 2010 as a cultural recognition day by the United Nations.

I believe everyone should have fun with such a holiday, and challenge themselves to speak like sir William.

We asked avid reader Andrew Tornatore if he knew about “National Talk Like Shakespeare Day,” and he almost seemed insulted.

“Dost thou believe I have no knowledge,” said Andrew. “I scorn thee for such accusations. I’ll beat thee, but I would infect my hands.” 

Another Shakespeare fan, Malia Danish, heard the insults Andrew was announcing, and quickly came to our defense.

“Thou incontinent jumbler, Sir Tornatore, hast thou no brain beneath such gigantuous head?” said Malia.

Andrew fought back quickly stating, “Thou art as fat as butter, speak to me when thou is not like the toad; ugly and venomous.”

The BluePrint team had to break the two apart, for they were reaching for their swords, both dipped in poison.

Happy “National Talk Like Shakespeare Day” everyone!