Poetry slam is back


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The annual poetry slam will return this year following a 2-year hiatus.

A Bellwood-Antis tradition is making its return this spring.

Every year since 2006, BAHS has had a poetry slam, in which students from the school write and perform original poems in front of a live audience of students and teachers.

Unfortunately, the last two poetry slams have been cancelled: 2019 because it clashed with Keystone exams and 2020 due to the COVID-19 shutdown.  However, this year the poetry slam is back.

The slam is set to take place on Friday, May 21 in the auditorium.  Students from grades 9-12 are encouraged to sign up and perform their own poem in front of an audience.

Mr. Naylor, who is in charge of setting up the slam, was excited that it could take place again, especially in the current situation regarding COVID restrictions.

“The poetry slam has been such a good experience for students and the school community for so long that you don’t want to see it come to an end,” Mr. Naylor said. “You wouldn’t think you’d have a bunch of teenagers who want to perform poems in front of their peers, but that is something we’ve been able to establish here, nd it’s one of the things that helps make B-A a special place. ”

Because of social distancing guidelines, only those students participating in the slam will be allowed to attend the event in the auditorium.

Prizes will be awarded in each of three categories: individual, duo, and humorous.

At the last poetry slam in 2018, this year’s seniors, the Class of 2021, shined. Isabella Barbosa won the overall individual championship, Malia Danish and Nic Caracciolo won in duo, and Hunter Gregg won for Best New Slammer. They were all freshmen at the time.

Anyone wanting to participate in the poetry slam should see Mr. Naylor to sign up. If you’re not familiar with the format of a poetry slam, take a look at this article from 2018 with YouTube links to the poems performed that year.