Mini-THON hosting basket raffle


Caroline Nagle

Mini-THON is hosting a basket bingo event this week.

Lance Robinson , Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis mini-THON committee is hosting a Basket Raffle Friday, May 21 from 12- 4.

The event will take place at the Hope Center in Bellwood.

Because of COVID restrictions, the mini-THPN committee has not been able to hold its dance event this year and has been forced to draw most of the money it raises from Donor drive, a T-shirt sale, and a candy sale.

Mini-THON is also hosting a spirit week this week, offering dress down days to students and teachers at a cost of $1 per day.

 Mini-THON raises money for the Four Diamonds, which gives money to families battling childhood cancer. At B-A, the mini-THON committee has raised more than $80,000 since organizing in 2017.

┬áThe committee’s annual fundraising drive usually ends with a day-long school-wide dance event, but that has been cancelled this year due to COVID.