Activity period is back


JoJo Caswell

Mrs. Stinson and Mrs. Auberzinsky talk at the Renaissance table at the recent activity fair.

Aarron Laird, Page Editor

Activity Period is back at Bellwood-Antis High School.

After a year without the bi-monthly addition of the special class as a result of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, BAHS Principal Mr. Richard Schreier announced at the start of the school year that it would be returning for 2021-2022.

” I know it was something that was missing last year, and I kept emphasizing in the beginning of the year to get involved,” Mr. Schreier said. “A great way to get involved is to become part of a club.”

The first week of school featured a back to school bash, and one of the stations students stopped at was an activity fair, where high school clubs were able to tell students personally what membership in their group was all about.”

In years past, activity period has been held twice a month, and the exact period rotates from one activity period to the next. Tat format could change.

“The schedule may not be exactly how it was in the past,” said Mr. Schreier. “There is still minor planning to do, and with the shared staff there are restraints coming with activity period.”

Mr. Schreier believes activities and activity period help provide students with a sense of purpose.

” I believe if the students are involved they will be more committed to the school and do a good job,”  said Mr. Schreier

All the eligible clubs from last year will be coming back this year and there is still a need for an advisor for speech team.