Hands-on learning making a comeback at B-A


Halee Young

Mr. Mackereth teaches one of his electives.

Halee Young, Staff Writer

The 2020-2021 school year was one of virtual learning, lack of activity period, and socially distanced electives. Now, at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, students are experiencing a whole new environment at Bellwood-Antis. This has caused a return to hands-on classes.

Following last year’s uncertainty, students are starved of tactile learning. Electives like home economics and industrial arts are at maximum capacity. Many who scheduled, couldn’t get in. 

Mr. Mackereth, who teaches Industrial arts to junior and senior high, says he sees a positive change is student’s attitude. “I see a much higher level of enthusiasm in students. They genuinely seem happy to be here!”

He also expressed a pragmatic approach to masks, and doesn’t believe they will negatively affect ‘normal’ class activity.

“Masks will be uncomfortable, but are necessary if we are to be allowed to work in the shop.”

 Home economics teacher, Mrs. Harris says that she is happy to see so many students joining her class this year, but social distancing is still prevalent in her class activity. 

Splitting students into small groups, minimal contact, and masked faces create a class environment that is probably not preferable, but is definitely much more motivating for teachers, and more engaging for students. 

Teachers and students have all expressed dislike in virtual learning, but to see activities like football games, pep rallies, and activity periods offered again is refreshing.