Middle school commits to 22 Pushup Challenge


Mara Bollinger

Middle school boys bang out their 22 pushups as part of the 22 Pushup Challenge to support veterans struggling with thoughts of self-harm.

Hayliana Shumac, Staff Writer

Bellwood-Antis teachers and students are flexing their muscles.

A middle school teacher has people throughout the school participating in the 22 Pushup Challenge.

This challenge asks participants to do 22 pushups a day over 22 days  to raise awareness for veterans’ mental health issues. At B-A, whoever does the most push-ups over a 22 days gets a reward.

This challenge takes place in September because it is Veteran’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Everyday 22 soldiers harm themselves, often as a result of trauma faced while on active duty.

“We are trying prevent this because in the past year 44,834 have done self harm. We are trying to show them they are more tough then they think,” said Mr. Brandon Hescox, the project organizer.

BAMS 22 Pushup Challenge

There will be an award at the end of the month for the homeroom with the highest participation.

The 22 Pushup Challenge is something one may see on social media, as well. Participants are encouraged to film themselves taking the challenge and then posy it on social media using the hashtag #ActiveHeroes.

The Active Hero website has directions and a sign up section for anyone who would like to participate who is outside of the Bellwood-Antis High school.

Mr.Hescox learned about this challenge through a friend who works foe the VA hospital.

“I have a lot of friends who are veterans, and I talk to them from time to time about their experiences, and I just thought it was something that was important we as a school could do,” said Mr. Hescox.

BAMS 22 Pushup Challenge

Mr. Hescox said between 12 and 15 had already participated in his homeroom, with other teachers and students getting involved as well.