Plans in process for new filler stations


Kerry Naylor

Fountains like this one in the high school will be a distant memory after bottle filler stations are installed this year.

Gracie Rice, Staff Writer

Schools everywhere saw massive changes in response to COVID, from things as small as wearing masks to things as drastic as going virtual. One more is drinking water from fountains, which Bellwood is now addressing.

Due to precautions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bellwood-Antis School District will be getting water bottle filler fountains. This will help to decrease the germs passed on by water fountain use.

“I don’t really want people bent over the drinking fountain and possibly spreading germs ,” says Dr.Tom.

These filler fountains will make it easier to fill a drinking bottle, help to lower COVID cases, and hopefully slow down the spread of germs during flu season. 

“You’ve got the filler stations where the water just drops down so theres no germs, i don’t think, to be spread,” Dr. McInroy said.

Because of supply issues, many of the fountains ordered before the pandemic still have not arrived, so the district is still waiting to install them.

Currently students are permitted to carry around refillable water bottles, but last year when al water fountains were turned off there were few options for refilling water bottles. Before that, water bottles were forbidden in the middle and high schools over fears that students could have alcohol in their bottles.

“That’s really up to the principals. Personally, Idon’t have a problem with them,” Dr. McInroy said.

These fillers, when they arrive, will be easily installed by simply screwing them onto the already installed fountains.