BluePrint launches new series


Isabelle Kelley

Mrs. Claar is the feature guest on the first episode of a new show produced by the BluePrint.

Isabella Kelley, Staff Writer

This week, the Blueprint is launching a new series called “Forgotten Bellwood: Voices From The Past.

The Blueprint will be conducting interviews with some teachers that have retired from B-A, who will be sharing stories of the growth of the school and the change they have faced.

This new series builds off the original series “Forgotten Bellwood,” which ran in 2018-2019. That was an award-winning series put together by Mya Decker and Kaylin Behrens and it pieced together the history of the district’s physical structure with the help of school police officer Tim Mercer. The new series will draw on interviews with many more retired teachers, starting with Mrs. Christine Shaffer Claar, who retired from B-A in 2014.

BluePrint News

“I think this is going to be an outstanding series,” said BluePrint advisor Mr. Kerry Naylor. “We have an entire list of teachers we want to interview and several have already agreed to participate. We are working with a young crew that is excited to get started, so I think we will learn a lot along the way, but the enthusiasm will be there, for sure.”

The series is being produced by freshmen Hayliana Shmac and Isabelle Kelley.